The Pillars of Your Tango

Tango Technique

When a movement is technically correct, it is effortless and elegant. Efficient technique energizes and heals us, we perceive our body as more enjoyable.


The embrace is sacred in Tango. Through the embrace we connect to our partner and communicate intent. The embrace should be flexible, yet it establishes a frame for both dancers.


The Tango music. It's inexplicable, soul-nourishing, a freight train of emotions. There is no need to rationalize our response to the music; it is spontaneous, improvisatory.

Body Awareness

As we develop more awareness of our body, it will become easier to remember movement and positions.

Gender Roles

Today's Tango has long dismissed the traditional gender roles and patriarchal views of earlier epochs. Modern Tango is limitless in the choice of dance partner roles. Although there are the terms 'leader' and 'followers' we are taking initiative and express our dance in both roles simultaneously.


Tango is practiced in dance halls, parks, open plazas and bars in Buenos Aires and many places in the world. Whereever you travel if you can dance Tango you will always find a welcoming community of Tango dancers and will make new connections.

In a nutshell

Tango is all about connection: The connection to our self, our partner, and to the music. The dance which both dancers share is completely improvisatory. The leader constantly frees space and invites, the follower enters effortlessly. Tango allows both partners to express themselves freely and in total agreement, following the music. The Social Tango stands in contrast to choreographed tango or to competition as in ballroom tango.

Tango Group Class in Newport News, VA

I'd like to share my passion for tango and help grow the community in the area.

What I love most about Tango: We connect and communicate through movement and we practice being in the present.

- Frank Tango Instructor